Spring supports are designed to absorb/accommodate the vertical displacement of a piping system caused by temperature change (thermal expansion/contraction) or subsidence etc. They also, in conjunction with hanger rods and slide bearings, accommodate any horizontal displacement which may occur.

Spring supports are critical components because, without such support, excessive pipe stress would cause significant damage to the piping system and other components connected to that system.

There are two types of spring supports; Variable Effort Supports (VES) and Constant Effort Supports (CES).

For relatively small displacements (up to about 75mm) the variable spring support is recommended.

For displacements over 75mm, the constant spring support is recommended. Use of a constant effort support may also be appropriate when only a small change in load is accepted (e.g. close to sensitive equipment) or where space considerations may prevent the use of a variable effort support.

Find more details on CPA’s range of variable and constant effort spring supports below.