CPA is an industry leader in the supply of pipe support solutions worldwide.
In this case study, CPA supplied over 100 cryogenic pipe support anchors (or ‘cold shoes’) for an LNG Import, Storage and Regasification Project in India which were specially designed due to very high loads acting on the piping.
The cold shoes incorporate high density polyurethane foam and high density resin-impregnated wooden blocks as load bearing, cryogenic insulating mediums.
To prevent axial movement of the pipe, thrust rings are welded to each end of the shoe. Additional thrust flanges are welded to the pipe at site which slot into the inserts machined into PUF/Wood as seen in the 2nd photo.
In the 3rd photo, the cold shoe is assembled around a pipe spool as part to check fit up to the pipe as part of the inspection and quality assurance process.
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