A well-designed pipe support system is vital in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the plant in which it is installed.

CPA is increasingly undertaking pipe support design work (as well as subsequent supply) for consultants, engineering companies, and contractors for a wide range of pipe support systems.

The early participation of trained pipe support Engineers and Designers has proved to be an invaluable aid in ensuring timely recognition of any potential issues and that the most cost-effective design is employed. This also minimises the risk of costly site modifications in the future.

In the illustrations shown here, CPA has performed design of secondary steelwork and supports which is integrated within the customer’s 3D design software. 2D fabrication drawings including a BOM of support components are also produced. CPA design work can be performed in a variety of 3D software such as E3D, SP3D, Microstation, Autocad and more.

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